Unboxing NANOXIA RIGID UV LED BAR – Install & Test | TechTime Ep. #13

Morbidos is back with yet another unboxing…
(must never get tired of packages this guy!)

In the mail today a Nanoxia rigid led bar has arrived!

This is going in Morbidos’ computer the “Black Mamba” but are these little LED’s enough to light the big case?
Let’s find out!

As a small bonus we are reviewing the Mayhem’s UV blue dye Morb purchased a few weeks back!

None of the products in this video has been given to us by any sponsors! All opinions are our own!
All products purchased and paid for at http://www.techbay.no

Intro Music by:
Savant – The Arcade 2013

Other music by:
cdk – Sunday by cdk
(c) copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.

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