To congratulate Neebs Gaming on reaching 1 Million subscribers we built them a new office tower.

If you have not seen they’re 1 Million subs office tour video check that out here:

In that video Thick mention that the Neebs office should be located in a tower like the trump tower. However; the trump tower in no place for these guys, no they need a proper tower! So we recreated World trade center, tower 1. (Full size!) and as best as possible with the limitations of the game we recreated the current Neebs office on the top floor!

Tower facts and features:
1275 blocks high
149 blocks wide (on each side)
Shell consist of approximately 1 099513 blocks
Revolving glass door
Fully working elevator
Sadly only 11 full floors completed due to limitations in the game
We don’t want to add more blocks as it’s getting suuuper laggy!

The plane I fly in this episode is called “Parhelion Fighter” and is created by Dr. Na’vi, it is available on the steam workshop.

Let us know below if you would like to download this level!

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