LAYERS OF FEAR – This is a SICK game! | Chapter 1

Never thought i would get scared by a game, but Layers of Fear really kicks me in the nuts!
This Steam game is made in Unity, and is a game that i REALLY would like to recommend if you would like to test your own limits.
It’s under the category JUMPSCARE game, and YES! it really jumps into your spine and give you a good beating of horror. Once you’ve been scared the first time, you get really alerted on your next move. But after it starts to feed you with atmospheric horror and no scaring, you start to relax, and that’s when they jump up in your face again.

This is the first Chapter of a total of 6. I am hoping to go through all 6 of them so if you like this one, please check out the rest as they will be published as fast as i finish them.

** Credits **
Intro Music by:
Savant – The Arcade 2013

Scream Effect provided by:

Telephone Waiting Music by:
Elevator Music – Vanoss Gaming Background Music

Game Footage:
Layers of Fear (Blobber Team + ASPYR + Unity)

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