HOW TO HACK STEAM | (and 10 Useless commands in CMD) | TechTime #Ep. 10 ⚡

This is a fake video!
I am not, i repeat I AM NOT hacking steam! In fact 99% of every video on YouTube about that is fake.
If they where real, don’t you think steam would already know about it?
I am not saying that their not penetrable. I think every thing could be hacked in one way or another as nothing is 100% locked down.

“Things may not be as they seem..”
Chip-tune ALERT!
Does chip tunes and hacking become a good mix? Dunno..
Personally i have always felt that, not sure why 🙂

If you want a game on Steam, BUY IT!

The hack in the beginning is just a tiny command prompt script i put together. (Download link below in Download section).

Stay Strong and Game on!


::Fake Steam Hack

::Kali Linux

::Intro/Outro Music by:
Savant – The Arcade 2013

::Chip Tune during “Hack”
EOF & Kenet – The Jibi’s Walk

::Chiptune during sarcastic top 10 speech
dubmood / cemik – Phallanx

::Chiptune during serious speech at the end
“Unknown Artist” – Wonderstar

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