HATMAN – SHADOW WARD | Dunphy plays his first JumpScare game

Okay, time to get scared!
I have never before played a jump-scare game, or well i did try the first Slender man game but i never really got to me. I’m NOT saying i was relaxed while playing that game, but it really never got in on me.

Found this game on Steam, the Hatman – Shadow Ward.
Thought I’d give it a try to see if this could scare me a bit, but ohh well, that didn’t go as planned.
Don’t get me wrong here people! I shall admit that he/she/or that thing did actually get my heart pumping, but not as much as i wanted I’m afraid.

The game it self was OK, and the creepy atmosphere was perfect, but for me, it didn’t manage to put me 100% into fear mode.


It’s well worth the try tho!
I think i have a left over Steam key for this game.
Will try to do a give away later on this.

PS: Sorry if i annoy you with my mouse clicks and keyboard clicking 😛
The mic is on my desk, but I’m working on getting it on a mic stand to avoid the unwanted sounds. I have managed to reduce the noise a bit with padding.

Intro Music by:
Savant – The Arcade 2013

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