We discover that the FNAF franchise has released yet another game called “Sister Location”. We got challenged by a viewer so well, we had no other choice than to go out there and just play it.

Quick jump:
1:47 Morbidos starts shift 1
7:15 Shift 1 completed celebratory dance
8:38 Morbidos starts shift 2
24:00 Morbidos gets killed and everyone junps
25:09 Xangio starts off where Morbidos died!
33:00 Shift 2 completed celebratory dance
34:36 Xangio starts shift 3
38:30 Xango gets killed and everyone screams
39:00 Dunphy starts off where Xangio died!
44:33 Dunphy gets killed!
45:53 Conclusion

This game was requested by IloveMe, hope you enjoy it!

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